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Welcome to the Eco-humanity website


Eco-humanity is a new philosophy of life, a combination of humanism and green living, dedicated to saving the planet for our children.

Do you believe that the world is governed by natural forces rather than gods, demons or spirits?

Do you believe in evolution?

Do you believe that the very success of the human species is threatening the ecology of the planet?

Then Eco-humanity should interest you.

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, 250 years ago, there has been a huge increase in human health, wealth and population. The average person now lives 3 times longer than he did in the eighteenth century and there are seven times more people living on the planet.  The very success of the human species, however, is threatening its future. We are reaching the limits of the supportive capacity of the Earth.  The natural world is being converted to directly serve  mankind: forests, plant, and wildlife are disappearing, the air and seas are being polluted and reserves of fresh  water are becoming limited.  Increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing global warming which in turn will result in the acidification of the seas, flooding, droughts and food shortages.

Scientists believe we need to dramatically decrease the rate of burning fossil fuels if we are to avoid global warming. However governments and ordinary citizens have failed to heed the warning and the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are inexorably rising.   It appears that global warming is inevitable. Analysis in Roger Heppleston’s book Memes, Societies and Human Evolution shows that only a fundamental change of human behaviour can save our planet. Furthermore this can only be achieved by enthusing people to adopt a new philosophy of life. He has proposed one such philosophy of life which he has called Eco-humanity. This approach is a combination of secular rationality with a zealous desire to save our world from destruction.


Most people in Europe and North America have doubts about the existence of God. In Europe, for the first time, humanism is a commonly held belief.  However, no secular philosophy of life has emerged to replace mediaeval religions. Humanists have deduced that no personal God can exist but have not developed an alternative rationale for mankind’s existence.   Rather than just deny the existence of God, it is time to express humanism as a positive movement.  Scientists have acquired sufficient knowledge of the workings of  the natural world  to formulate it into a coherent set of secular beliefs.

In this modern age there appears to be little more purpose in life than the acquisition of wealth and the raising of children.   We are entering a time when the first of these objectives is threatening the success of the second.  Unless we humans modify our self-centred drive for material acquisition, our offspring will suffer. We need to adopt a new purpose in life and embrace an ecologically sustainable lifestyle.  We need to save the planet for our children.

Be in at the start of a new positive atheist community, have your say and help us change the course of human development.