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Core Beliefs

Core beliefs
Its beliefs are based on the scientifically established principles of evolution and natural science. These can be simply summarised in the equivalent of a religious creed, as shown below
Humans are animals. All animals have evolved from other life-forms during the 4.5 billion years of Earth’s existence. The structure of our beings is defined by our DNA. Segments of  DNA form genes which are each responsible for different facets of our makeup. Our purpose in the scheme of life is to preserve our genes through the creation and nurture of our children and our cooperation with other humans. When we die, our bodies decay but our genes live on through our offspring and our fellow human beings. The ideas, words and pictures we have created also live on in the minds of our family and friends and those we have touched.
We believe that the world is governed by natural forces, not gods, demons or spirits, and that our behaviour should be governed by rational argument, not religious dogma, superstition or untoward physical force.
We believe that mankind is one species that evolved from the same African origins and all the human family is entitled to our respect regardless, of race, age, gender, sexual orientation or physical ability.