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Our philosophy of life

The world’s religions have evolved in a haphazard way over the millennia, exploiting natural human superstition and gullibility. They developed the concept of a human spirit that could survive death and persuaded their followers that only by conforming to their religious practices could this human spirit be released from suffering.
Over the past five hundred years, scientists have proved that the workings of nature are determined by immutable laws. They have shown that there is no possibility of the direct interference of a God in natural events. In addition evolution has shown how all life-forms developed from primitive cells created billions of years ago. The chance that God intervened in this process especially to create humans has been comprehensively discounted.
In contrast Eco-humanists do not believe in a heaven, hell or reincarnation. They believe that on death their bodies decay but their genes and memes live on through their descendants and friends.
Eco-humanity is a philosophy of life which is rational, humane, egalitarian and forward looking. The outline of the philosophy of life is proposed in Memes, Societies and Human Evolution. The  core beliefs and principles of behaviour are suggested in the book and on separate tabs in this web-site.
Eco-humanity is proposed to be a missionary philosophy of life. Unlike other non- religious movements it will seek to gain broad acceptance by engaging with its supporters not only by rational analysis but also by emotional engagement. It will aim to attract all sectors of society and have a wide international appeal.
The purpose of this web-site is to build a community of like-minded people who can enthusiastically support this approach. We need your ideas, suggestions and experience to develop the concept into a vibrant movement. Please register your interest on the  the feedback and support page.