The IPCC report on land use and climate change shies away from the big issues

George Monbiot calls the report a missed opportunity

9th August 2019

Impact of global heating poses a threat to civilisation

The  IPCC report on land use and climate change.

9th August 2019

More evidence of melting ice and rising sea levels

The ice over Greenland is melting faster than ever

22nd January 2019

Climate change: Where we are in seven charts

Splendid if depressing analysis of the onward march of climate change

2nd December 2018

4 Things you can do to fight climate change

Christiana Figures on what we all need to do to make our contribution to stopping climate change

8th November 2018

Last chance to cut off the effects of climate change at 1.5 deg C

Warning from Intergovernmental Panel on climate change

13th October 2018

If you want to save the world veganism isn’t the answer

Isabella Tree argues that organic farming , including pasture fed beef cattle, is the key to sustainable living

25th August 2018

Sweltering Cities

A look forward to to how humans will cope with increasing temperatures

17th August

Churches convert to renewable power and urge other to follow

The bishop of Salisbury says ‘ Climate Change is the biggest moral issue of our time’

3rd August 2018  

Steep global increase in meat eating will devastate the environment

Per capita meat consumption has doubled in the past 50 years

20 July 2018

 2017 was the hottest ever without an El Niño   

53.5 deg C was recorded in Pakistan in May a world record for that month. Sea levels rose 7.2 cm above the 1993 average – the highest yest

2nd August 2018

Avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your impact on Earth

It also helps preserve wild nature

19 June 2018