Lab-grown meat goes on sale for the first time

One requirement for reaching zero emissions is that we have to reduce our meat consumption from killing animals. This offers a way forward

2nd Dec 2020

The Poor state of nature in Britain

Out of 218 nations, the UK ranks 189th for the intactness of its living systems

25th September 2019

The threat  to sea life

How industrial scale fishing is trashing our oceans

9th May 2019

Nature’s dangerous decline

We are destroying Earth’s ecosystems at an alarming rate

7th May 2019


The destruction of the Earth is a crime. It should be punished


28 March 2019

This farmer has abandoned his plough to save Earth’s soil

The growing movement of conservation agriculture

24 April 2019

Growing threat to food from decline in biodiversity

The plants, animals and micro-organisms that are the bedrock of food production are in decline

22nd February 2019

Plummeting insect numbers threaten the collapse of nature

Insects could vanish in a century

10th February 2016

Politicians have failed to grasp the gravity of the environmental crisis

Human impacts threaten to destabilise society

12th February 2019

Medieval methods bring rare wild life back to Wales

How it is possible to farm and preserve biodiversity

30th August 2018

Plastic food pots and trays are often unrecyclable, say councils

The scandal of unrecyclable plastics

4th August 2018


A football pitch of forest is lost every second

28 June 2018

Where have all our insects gone?

As we convert nature to arable land our ladybirds, moths, bees, butterflies and beetles are disappearing

17 June 2018

How we eliminated most other living things

96% of the biomass of all living mammals is accounted for by humans and their domesticated animals

22 May 2018

Seven charts that explain the plastic pollution problem

Explains the dangers of plastic waste

10 Dec 2017