Sustainability is the principle that humans should preserve the planet’s resources for the use of future generations. Adopting a sustainable lifestyle means limiting the effects of pollution, particularly due to greenhouse gases, plastics and other chemicals. It also means recycling and not squandering mineral reserves, using our water resources judiciously, and developing farming strategies that preserve the soil. Living a sustainable way of life means ensuring our actions are sympathetic to nature by eliminating over-grazing, over-fishing, deforestation and the worst excesses of factory farming.


To achieve full sustainability requires co-ordinated government action on how we farm and make and trade goods. However, what can we do as individuals? Two suggestions come from a government sponsored paper on climate change, namely eat less meat and stop all unnecessary flying.

Is it possible to create a practical moral code for sustainable living for individuals that could be supported across nations and religious groups? I imagine it could have four further major tenets, bringing the total to six in all:

  • Eat less meat
  • Avoid flying where practical
  • Recycle as much as possible and avoid food wastage
  • Use green sources of energy where they are available
  • Choose to eat  organically farmed food where possible
  • Value and support wild nature

All are actions that would support the preservation of the environment. By following these precepts we could all do our bit to create a better world for our children. .

Opinions on this concept are welcomed