Our core beliefs are based on 5 propositions:

  1. Cultural (memetic) evolution is the reason that human evolution has been so different from that of all other animals
  2. Memetic evolution is accelerating so fast that human culture and organisation is struggling to cope with the speed of change.
  3. The population and wealth of mankind has now grown so much that we have reached the limits that nature and Earth can support.
  4. If our progeny are to continue to thrive, international co-operation, working for the good of all mankind, will be vital.
  5. this is best achieved if people of all races, religions and nationalities unite behind the liberal humanist values of equality, freedom and rationality and the principle of sustainable development.


Memetic evolution 

Compete or Co-operate – the evolutionary choice that will determine our future

Memes, Societies and Human Evolution – how humans came to dominate the Earth and the threaten its ecology