We humans are amazing animals. Although we evolved as hunter-gatherers, through advances in technology, agriculture and science we have transformed our role in the world.  We now live three times longer and have a hugely richer and more fulfilling existence than our distant predecessors.

Technological change continues to transform our lives. However, our culture and organisation are failing to keep pace with the development of technology. Although we live in a globally interconnected planet there is no effective world government to ensure that change works for the future good of all mankind. As a consequence, we are creating an increasingly unstable and divided society that is destroying the planet. National, cultural and religious loyalties still divide us. It is all too easy for unscrupulous leaders to exploit this unsettling environment and stir up inter-community division and hatred, country against country, religion against religion, culture against culture.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  We humans all share the same DNA. We are caring and concerned for the needs of others.  We nurture our children and want them to live happy and fulfilling lives. By reaching out and working together, we can unite behind principles of common humanity and a shared belief in the importance of preserving the natural world.  We can demand that our communities cooperate rather than compete. We can create a rational, free and egalitarian society that preserves the planet for our children.