The use of bitcoins is unsustainable

Another reason to reject those libertarians who do not believe in the right of the state to tax and control.

27th February 2021

The speed of change threatening our future

Innovation is fast and unpredictable. Regulation is slow and consensual

22nd July 2020

How social media undermines the experts

‘We are witnessing a collision between two conflicting ideas of truth: one that depends on trusted intermediaries and another that promises the illusion of direct access to reality

19th September 2019

Platforms have become gatekeepers

How Facebook and Twitter deal with fake news and hoaxes

3rd June 2019

Mobile phones are adding the the global warming problem

Computer data centres will soon have a larger carbon footprint than the entire aviation sector

17 July 2018

How Peppa Pig became a video nightmare

The dangers of advertising algorithms

17 June 2018

How China censors internet information

Fear, friction and flooding, the 3 ways that China controls the internet

17 June 2018