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The Guardian’s climate change campaign

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The Guardian is running a campaign on climate change. Recent issues have featured three experts,   Naomi Klein, George Marshall, and Larry Elliot, all of whom warned that politicians, businesses or the ruling elite cannot be relied upon to counter global warming.  Naomi Klein advocates a popular anti-capitalist movement; George Marshall says we should stop arguing, believe in climate change and learn from the religious approach and Larry Elliott plays down expectations from future international conferences and emphasises the need for personal involvement.  All are saying in different ways that the only way serious green policies will be implemented is if the mass of people demand them.  However none of the experts say how this mass popular movement is to be achieved.

Eco-humanists believe evolution is still taking place and we humans are still involved in a process of the survival of the fittest.  States, individuals, businesses and other institutions are competiting and cooperating in their own self-interest. The very evolutionary instincts that have served mankind so well up to now are driving the species forward to disaster. There is currently no human organisation that has the power or moral standing to enforce global cooperation in order to implement green policies. Thus, although scientists are unequivocally saying that global warming is threatening the future of human life on the planet, mankind is unable to cooperate sufficiently to step back from disaster.

Our only hope is to actively promote a new eco-friendly philosophy of life, such as Eco-humanity , in competition to religions. We need to appeal to the heart and not base all persuasion on rational analysis. We need to generate a popular movement that inspires people to save the planet for our children.

It starts now!

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From today, 16th April 2015, Memes, Societies and Human Evolution – How humans came to dominate the Earth and then threaten its ecology is available from Amazon in the USA, UK and Europe.  This is the official start date of this site; the start of this ambitious attempt to launch the concept of Eco-humanity, a new form of positive humanism with the aim of saving the planet for our children.

Buy the book and contribute to the development of  a new  movement!