The Healthcare Challenge of an aging society

A study finds that England’s NHS and care services need 1.1m extra staff by 2031 to meet the needs of an aging society

1st October 2021

New Zealand’s wellbeing strategy

Is New Zealand’s success in dealing with Covid the first instance of a government putting wellbeing ahead of GDP growth?

10th April 2021

Democracy is good for your health

‘ Free and fair elections appear important for improving adult health… most likely by increasing government accountability and responsiveness

19 March 2019

Factory farms are breeding grounds for pandemics

All mass assemblies of animals are potentially lethal breeding grounds for dangerous viruses

22nd March 2020

Doctors are scared of the coronavirus

Contrary to what Johnson tells us the NHS is not prepared

17th March 2020

The failures of the UK welfare system

People die because of the lack of empathy in our welfare system

4th February 2020

Low quality work risks health

People struggling in low paid jobs damage their health

4th February 2020

British Women lead shorter lives than most Europeans

The toll of poor Health on British women

September 11th 2018

Number of over 85s needing 24 hour care will double

The need for rethinking and planning how to cope with social services

30th August 2018